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This slideshow starts with the latest image first and goes back to June 15th, 2015 without any of Josh’s creations missed for four years.

The first three years or so the camera use was a Nikon CoolPix shooting in the RAW image format. Images were opened in the stand alone app by Skylum, “Noiseless”. This software does an excellent job at removing the image “noise”. Image noise consists of randomly colored pixels that you cannot see on your little camera screen.

Then I would have Noiseless export out a PSD (Photoshop Document) where I work the Levels a little and then kick out the Jpegs.

May 2017 I starting using a new camera, a Lumix ZS-100 shooting in the RAW image format. At the same time I started using Luminar by Skylum and Noiseless as a plug-in to Luminar.

It is this point where you can see a dramatic improvement in the quality of the image.

Photography by Robert Mitton.